I really really mean it-this time.


I hate being “that guy”.  The guy that starts something…and then quits…and then starts again…and then quits…and then starts again.    I want to live a healthier lifestyle, not eat a diet constisting of only oreos and beef.  I don’t exactly want to train for the olympics but I would like to not have to get a “scooter chair” by the time I am 45.  I want to be “in shape”.   I really really mean it this time!

I know I started this process back in the fall…and “fell off the wagon” over the holidays.   (You all did give me Oreo cookies for Christmas…I’m just saying).   I thought I would pick up my new “healthy lifestyle” after the new year…but that didn’t last long either.  Now I feel rediculous starting again…

I’m committed.  I’m going all “Biggest Loser” on getting healthy again.  I decided that even though I feel embarrassed to be  “starting again”…again-the alternative (doing nothing)  is far worse.  I’m not going to let the memory of past failures keep me from doing the right thing now.

So here’s to all of you who struggle, who need to “start again”… again.   It may seem rediculous and embarrassing to pick up the phone…or put down that twinkie…or the Budweiser…or pick up the dumbells…or get on your knees and pray…or even show up at church this Sunday Morning.  The alternative of doing nothing  is far worse.   Let’s “really really mean it-this time!”

3 thoughts on “I really really mean it-this time.

  1. Sorry Don, but that desert in the picture is just too tempting. Where can I buy that?

  2. popi! you should use don as motivation…dudeeee, you could be diet/accountability partners! for real, wouldn’t that just be delightful! youre welcome for the fabulous idea!