Sunday Recap: Christmas Finale edition.

Glow sticks and Silent Night…
Today was the final week of the Christmas “at the movies” series…and the final Sunday morning of actionchurch this year. (No Service on 12/28). Today’s movie was “A Christmas Story” and I talked about God being a “BB gun God”…like the father in the movie…a God that has our best interests at heart and knows what will truly make us satisfied and happy in life…a God who gives “Good Gifts. I talked about God not being a “Bunny Suit God”…how we can trust him…if we follow him we won’t end up miserable and embarrassed if our friends “see us”. Religion is a “bunny suit”…following Jesus leads to a “BB gun” life. We ended the day singing “Silent Night” and thanking God for the ultimate “BB gun” gift…Jesus.
ac all-stars crankin‘ out the funky Christmas!
  • ac all-stars on stage today…they tore the place down with some serious “funky Christmas!” I love the fact that “Run Run Rudolph” (Chuck Berry) makes the set list on Sunday morning…the all-stars are a party from the moment they hit the stage. Jerry, Lynn, Steve, Roy and Rod…thank you all for being simply the best “house band” we could wish for. (Be looking for them onstage in February for our Birthday Bash!)
  • It might have been snowy outside but we were packed this morning…It’s really amazing to see the place filled only 8 weeks after our move to Club 19…we are nearing capacity…but you guys keep bringing your friends and we will free up as many seats as necessary! You can count on it.
  • Thanks to Tammi from Bridge of Hope for giving us an update today on the absolutely amazing makeover you all made possible. Everyone that bought a present, a cleaning supply, a household item, furniture, made a donation to cover the electronics and appliances… YOU changed the life of a family this week. Thanks you all!
Pez and oreos for me…thanks!
(check out Jerry’s “christmas red” amp and guitar in the background.)
  • For the Record I was not wearing a “women’s coat” today :-) I’m going to wrap myself in Velvet!
  • Thanks to all of you who surprised Michele and I with such a generous cash gift…and oreos and pez for me! It was really unexpected and touching…I really feel like we get a gift every week by getting to be a part of something like actionchurch. Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.
  • It made me laugh when Dave said “Michele handles the money of the church”…and then she proceeded to drop the cash all over the stage :-) Trust me, she’s a lot more careful when it comes to deposits and offerings:-)
  • What a great way to end the year…I’m going to miss church next week…but I really am going to enjoy the break…look for us to come ROARING back on January 4!
  • Kirsten is a Cookie artist! All hail the “Santa cog” cookie! I believe cookie dough is the ultimate artistic medium…
“Santa Cog” Cookie!
  • Today was seriously “action packed”…thanks to Josiah and Garrett for making the service “move” and actually fit into our one hour “time slot”. Thanks to all the Sunday morning Crew for packing everyone in…for showing up early when lot’s of people wouldn’t show up at all because of the weather…for making actionchurch happen!
  • Thanks to Garrett for I-phone pics…

Garrett- stage manager, donut destroyer, Iphonographer

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