one year…

First Sunday at Fat Daddy's Nightclub

First Sunday at Fat Daddy’s nightclub (2.10.08)

I was late for set-up at Club 19.  I had to pick up some tires for the actionkidz obstacle course from Jerry’s warehouse.  When I finally got to the club I ended up setting up the parking lot signage since Bill was out of town.  (Bill you are the man…that is hard work!)   I never really got a chance to set up the things I normally do on Sunday mornings…yet everything ran perfectly. 

Michele and I stood in the back and watched actionchurch “run” as the service started.  actionkidz was fully staffed and packed with kidz happy to be at church.  People were filling up the chairs that were perfectly “set”…the graphics on the screen looked fantastic…the countdown started…the band was onstage and ready to go…the final donuts were disappearing …and people were enjoying time together with their friends-in church!

It’s amazing what can happen in a year.  With just a couple of exceptions everyone who made the service “happen” yesterday hadn’t even heard of actionchurch this time last year.  It was truly moving to be able to “watch” it all happen from the back.  The “story” of our first year as a church is the people who give their time, talents, and resources each week…thanks to you all…you are all making a “revolutionary” difference in York County.

3 thoughts on “one year…

  1. Hey Don, We hear from you every week about what goes on behind the scenes and where you have been and thats great. What about Michelle? Can we hear from her and what she sees going on behind the scenes and the journey shes been on? Just thought I’d ask.

  2. Hey there Keith. It’s funny that you should ask that. We were just talking to Michelle about that yesterday after church. Hopefully she reads this and decides to. That would be awesome!