Txt Tuesday


Ok folks, it’ Txt Tuesday so let’s “keep the shiney side up and the dirty side down”…or something like that.

Txt: Wow this is totally relavent for me today.  wtg!!! makes scary sense.

Txt:Thanks for todays message it was really relevant for me and I’m sure many others.

Don:   We had several Txts like this Sunday (and even more conversations like this afterwards)…so what happened?  Was it the “greatest’ sermon ever…a “touch down pass” of preaching on Superbowl Sunday?  Nope, not at all.  It didn’t have to be.  Every single one of us need to be accepted…to be forgiven…to be given an opportunity to “start over”.  We all need someone to “go first” and forgive us not because we deserve it…not because we have proved that we are “cleaning ourselves up”…but as the scriptures say, “While we were still sinners”   I certainly do…in fact, only the mercy and forgiveness of God “allows” me to be able to stand up and tell “you all” about the mercy and forgiveness of God.  It’s “real” to me…because I have experienced it…and am experiencing it every day.

The “point” to experiencing Gods forgiveness and acceptance is not to become “religious” and proud of our “goodness”…it’s to “pass it on” to others who (like us) are struggling with the destructive forces of sin.  That’s why everyone is accepted at actionchurch (except for perfect people).  We’ve all either “been there”…or at least in my case…are “still there” in needing God’s forgiveness and mercy every day…

Txt:  When can we buy actionchurch gear?

Don:  Thanks for asking…I really appreciate the fact that people choose to “wear the cog”!   We should have new stickers and T’s out in time for spring.   If it were up to me I would “drape myself ” in actionchurch gear:-)   I would like to have everything from Tanks to T’s to socks to mugs to ac underwear…  We actually planned to have new gear available by now but we are trying to be very fiscally conservative right now.  T-shirts etc. are “upfront” costs that have to be paid before we can recoup anything from sales.   Because we are a “volunteer” church (no one is paid staff) and we were already a really “creatively cheap” organization (everything made of duct tape)  I believe we are positioned to weather tough financial times successfully.   We do realize though, that every dollar we receive was given by someone also living in tough financial times…so we are going to be generous to others…but really “make a buck stretch” when it comes to stuff we want for the church.

Thanks for being part of Txt Tuesday.  Look for more questions/comments here next Tuesday and live on the screens Sunday.

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