"Good Day"

I hate when I do this, but I talked about gaining weight in a sermon a few weeks ago…of course I said that I was “working on it”.

The problem with my plan to “work on it” was that it was the week before Halloween. What a “bad time” to try to lose weight! Who could possibly be expected not to snack when there are “fun size” snickers and kit kats everywhere? Come to think of it, this week is even worse for trying to “cut back”. Thanksgiving is coming…that means there will be pies, pies, and more pies. December will be even worse…who can be expected to ignore the platters of Christmas cookies…I’m pretty sure that would be disrespectful to the Baby Jesus somehow. Maybe after the first of the year… of course then there will be Valentines day candy…flag day…and Summer picnics.

Ever feel like there is never a “good day” to start doing the right thing? There isn’t. Ever.

Have you been struggling with something you know you should do…but just haven’t found a “good time” to start, or stop? Today just might be the perfect day…

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