Sunday Recap: "Mindset" pt 2

Today was week two of the “mindset” sermon series. We talked about the “upside down” idea Jesus taught…the first will be last…anyone who wants to be a leader must become a servant to everyone… “Mindset” of the week: “Doing good for others…is good for me!” Even though there are so many “voices” in our society that urge us to look out for ourselves and get “ours” first…the people that we admire most (from Mother Thereasa to Bono) are those that put others first. Simply put, God’s principles are true no matter what year it is!

The Highlights:
  • Today I announced our plan to “adopt” a recently homeless family through Bridge of Hope for our Extreme Christmas Makeover actionchurch addition. I am so excited to team up with this great organization. Our adopted family is a single Mom with two children. They have recently been assisted in getting a place to live and an opportunity for “mom” to go back to school…but they have little else. As a church we plan to provide them with all the furnishings they so desperately need…+ a Christmas tree and presents. Stay tuned for details, this is going to be so much fun! The best part of the whole project is that everyone can do something…
  • Really enjoyed interviewing Tammi Morris (Bridge of Hope director) on stage today. Her story was really compelling… Wow was it really obvious that actionchurch and “Bridge” are a really great partnership. I loved when she mentioned loving their families unconditionally…meeting their needs…not just “cramming Jesus down their throats”! amen sister.
  • Today was “kinder gentler actionchurch“-acoustic guitars and clips from “Extreme Makeover, Home edition”. Josiah said that “today’s service was so “girly” that next week we need to have video clips with explosions and cuss words in them!” I love actionchurch… He may have a point, actually. I did talk about not being able to grow a beard last week and crying this week…next week will be all about Monster Trucks, “Huntin‘”, and Nascar!
  • Speaking of acoustic guitars we had Mitch Meador rocking his today. Mitch is just ridiculously talented and so it is always great to have him with us.
  • …have to put some weights or tie downs on our parking signs. It was really windy today and they kept blowing over. Thanks to Bill for all his “sign wrestling”.
  • I officially “hate” Garrett for putting this song in my head during set up! la la la la… dear Jesus make it stop!
  • Steve (owner of Club 19) is just ridiculously good to rent from…we are so blessed.
  • Stay tuned for details about the “Makeover”… lots of news and details coming up this week!

One thought on “Sunday Recap: "Mindset" pt 2

  1. Congrats on doing justice with joy! It is wonderful to hear about church connections with Bridge of Hope throughout the country.
    Blessings, Francesca Crane, Executive Director for Bridge of Hope Lancaster & Chester Counties in Pennsylvania.