McDonalds Cappuccino Commercial Faith.

Have you seen the new McDonald’s Cappuccino commercial? (If you haven’t,watch it above) From the first time I saw the commercial…it reminded me of church…and why we started actionchurch.

You see, I used to think that because I follow Jesus I had to pretend to love Bible studies and khaki pants. To follow Jesus I had to pretend to listen to only “contemporary christian” music and enjoy hearing “preacher types” tell me what words in the Bible meant “in the original Greek“. ‘Thought I had to pretend to enjoy attending church “whenever the doors were open” no matter how boring it seemed. My desire to follow Jesus was genuine…but my “love” of “church culture” was as phony as the one dudes “trendy black framed glasses” in the McDonalds commercial.

I don’t consider myself an “intellectual” person…I can’t make myself care about the “original Greek“. (There is enough amazing truth in the latest translations of the Bible to intrigue me for a lifetime). I’ve virtually stopped reading any “non-fiction” other than the Bible for now…my mind needs a break. I’m a blue collar guy who listens to Modern Rock, 80’s Metal, and when I’m in the mood, country. My nails are short and my hair is long. I’m much more likely to say “Damn it” than “praise the Lord” when I slam my finger in the door of my truck. I am absolutely passionate about serving Jesus and being part of his Kingdom plan for all eternity.

One of the things I love most about what actionchurch is becoming…is that it is a place where I can be “me”. Flawed. “A work in progress”. Forgiven. I don’t have to pretend to like “church stuff”. (and neither do you.)

Does that mean that it’s wrong to like “original Greek bible study” and Chris Tomlin praise tunes? Not at all. Is there anything “wrong” with going to Starbucks? Not at all. What is “wrong” (and an extremely unsatisfying way to live-think itchy turtleneck sweater) is being phony…

Starbucks isn’t going to shut down because McDonald’s started serving “coffee house” coffees…but I bet a lot of people who enjoy cappuccino but didn’t feel like they fit into the Starbucks “culture” will be served.

Welcome to McDonald’s…would you like to try our new coffee house premium coffees?

Welcome to actionchurch…would you like to hear about Jesus…

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