Sunday Recap: "Mindset" pt. 1

On any given week I feel very fortunate to be able to be part of actionchurch…but this week really so much fun! Today was the first of the “mindset” sermon series. What a great “job” it is to be able to communicate with people that we not only “should” have the “same attitude as Christ Jesus” (Phil. 2:5) We CAN have the same attitude that Jesus had if we Focus on others as he did. We may not be able to change or predict many of our circumstances…but we can change our attitudes/mindset!

The Highlights:

  • We took up a special donation for the York Rescue Mission thanksgiving dinner today…we will be sending them a check for $520! That means nearly 250 people will have dinner provided for them on Thanksgiving Day. Way to go actionchurch.
  • I was so inspired by Kyle and Grant today… two 5th graders who heard last week that we would be donating to the rescue mission this week…they raised over $150 between them this week for the Mission. Unbelievable! Edit: Someone was inspired by Kyle and Grants fundraising and matched their donation….That means that now over 300 people will be provided for… Never think that someone is “too young” to make a difference!
  • Torn from Red on stage today. Really great to have them on the “big stage” at club 19. Lots of changes coming up in “TFR world”. Matt (Guitarist) is leaving to play with the Pledge (onstage at actionchurch in 2 weeks) and they are currently working on songs for a full length album. Looking forward to hearing the new stuff at actionchurch next year. always a pleasure to have TFR at actionchurch
  • I love my new “flamed preaching stool” yee haw!

  • Even though I preached this morning I got the “feeling” of attending actionchurch…It was awesome to be standing in the back as the service started knowing that Garrett (actionchurch stage manager) and Josiah (actionchurch Chief Creative Officer) would get the service started on time…and looking great. It is so gratifying to see these guys absolutely “run” Sunday Mornings… Thanks to their leadership and our great set up team I am able to concentrate totally on communicating the sermon…so very cool!
  • Wanna learn to run “command central” at actionchurch? Josiah is looking for someone to train as his “apprentice”… If you like to flip switches and push buttons let me know…
  • Used a clip from Pursuit of Happyness today…definitely in my “top 10” inspirational movies.
  • …loved the new countdown timer…It’s so cool to work with a crew of people constantly working to “raise our game”…every week!
  • actionkidz @ club 19 seems to be really coming together…I have to get some new pics up…I really am amazed that we are able to offer a place like actionkidz as a “nine month old” church plant.
  • Can’t wait until next week as I will be interviewing a special guest as we “unveil” one of the most exciting things we have ever attempted…
  • Had a great crowd today, great band, great vibe…but the thing that excites me most about the “momentum” that we are gathering as a church is that this is just the very beginning…I truly do not think we have even scratched the surface of what is possible if we will simply have the courage to walk down the “road” God has prepared for us. Let’s not slow down or “get off course” even for a moment…there is too much at stake!

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