"Just another Sunday"

It’s Friday…or as I like to think of it…two days ’til Sunday.

Josiah just replaced the graphics for our new sermon series “Mindset” with a new and improved version…

I’m still working on the Sermon…I’m usually finished by Friday…but I want to change up the way I normally communicate…I don’t want to fall into a rut…I am convinced that I can do better.

They’re installing some additional stage lighting in actionkidz today…they will also be re-arranging the area to optimise it for Sunday. I can’t imagine how they are going to improve it…but I know they will.

Why all the effort to prepare for the second Sunday in November? Is there a visiting “dignitary” or film crew coming? Nope. It’s “just another Sunday.” Just another Sunday that someone will give church “one more try”. Just another Sunday that someone will come to church for the first time. Just another Sunday that someone will hear the Good News about Jesus for the very first time.

We will never be “satisfied” with “good enough”. We won’t settle for “the way we’ve always done it.” We will try, (and sometimes fail) to always get a little better than the week before. It’s “just the way we roll” :-)

So invite your friends to club 19 as we kick off the “Mindset” series with Torn from Red on stage. Tell them it’s “just another Sunday” @ actionchurch

Don’t forget we will be taking up a special donation for York Rescue Missions Thanksgiving meal Sunday!

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