Sunday Recap: Moving day…

Today was moving our final Sunday at Fat Daddy’s Nightclub.
Next Sunday we will be meeting at Club 19 so we had to pack up all of the “church” in the “actionbus” after the service ended. I talked about “looking after you leap” about faith being obeying God without knowing the outcome. It’s so easy to read stories in the Bible and see the end result and miss the “process”. I talked about the blind man in John 9 who was healed by Jesus…after Jesus put “saliva mud pies” on his eyes and told him to go jump in the pool…I bet the still-blind dude with mud on his eyes had lots of questions about the outcome as he walked toward the pool. That’s the way it is when you follow Jesus.
The highlights:
  • Everyone was so helpful loading up…we literally had everything we own (including the baptismal “trough” loaded into the bus in less than an hour! Thanks everyone.
  • Speaking of Baptisms…I offered the chance to “go public” through baptism…I honestly had no idea why…other than I felt like I should…and it’s pretty difficult to preach about “faith is being obedient to Jesus without knowing the outcome” and not being obedient myself…Thanks John for sharing your story and choosing spontaneously to get “baptised in a bar” on Sunday morning.
  • The Historic on stage today…they were really our most unusual act yet…and I really dig them. The best way I can describe them is “1940’s Rock n Roll”… I really like their original stuff. Phil Rohr (also of the Gulls) is a really talented dude. They started the service with the Thrice tune”Come all ye weary”. The line from that song “you’ve been spurned by fine restaurants and tossed out of church” sounds like the reason we started actionchurch!
  • Awesome Job by Josiah today creating the “Fight Club” video bumper. He set up the “Jump” sermon perfectly…removed the numerous “F-Bombs” in the clip…and faded into the sermon graphic. I thought I was preaching at a mega-church with a video department for a moment. The artwork for next week’s series is ridiculously good also…We are very lucky to have Josiah as our “Chief Creative Officer” (CCO)…he’s got a cool title…now we just need to pay him in something other than free coffee and all the donut’s he can eat.
  • After loading everything into the “actionbus” it wouldn’t start! aaarrrgh! I was seriously wondering what we were going to do with all of our church gear if they had to tow it into the garage… Fortunately after lunch it decided to start right up on the first turn…thank you God.
  • It was awesome reading all of the kind things written by people on our thank you notes for the crew at Fat Daddy’s …very touching. Michele Reagan and I are taking them by the club tonight along with their “thank you gifts”
  • I am so thankful for the amazing things God has Done at Fat Daddy’s Nightclub…looking forward to seeing even more amazing things at Club 19!

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