"Church is People"

Psst…Church is people. I think one real benefit of our move to Club 19 is that it visually reminds us that like soylent green…church is entirely made up of people! If you think that church is a building…or “stuff” or equipment…right now all of our “church” is packed in a van down by the river..err bus in my driveway. From yesterday afternoon when we moved out of Fat Daddy’s Nightclub until Friday when we move into Club 19 there is technically no actionchurch “building”…we’re “homeless”.

The great news is that actionchurch will reapear next Sunday and actionchurch V2.0 will be better than ever, because we are made up of people…not buildings or stuff!

So thanks for being actionchurch: people who helped us load our stuff after church yesterday. The people who will help us unload and set up on Friday. People who have invited their friends to a crazy church service at Fat Daddy’s. People who will now invite their friends to Club 19. People who have given their hard earned cash to pay the bills for each weekly gathering. People who got up early on Sunday mornings to make sure that things were clean and set up for others…(enjoy your well earned break!) People who have showed up and allowed us to “practice” being a church from the very first service…people who just started attending last week. The list is too long to remember everyone…bands, sound engineers, artists, builders, cleaners, greeters, designers, coffee makers, coffee drinkers…you all make up this beautiful, messy, powerful, and broken thing called the church… Thank you all…I cannot wait to see what you become in our great new venue!

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