So it sorta goes without saying that I am a big proponent (read “loud mouth”) about Churches being willing to “stretch” and change their structures and programs in order to grow and continue to be relevant in our society… I must admit though, that it gets progressively harder as a church grows and gets “older”. actionchurch is only 8 months old…but it is difficult already to make some of the changes necessary for the much needed move to Club 19.

Our new relationship with Club 19 means we have to leave behind a really good relationship we have built with the Fat Daddy’s crew. Our growth and move means that many of our great volunteers will have to change jobs and responsibilities… Some people will love the new facility, some will miss the “old” one. Even at this early stage of church growth…change is a bit painful at times…

So what do we do to “avoid” the pain of change and stretching? If we want to continue to do the work that the church was designed to do…nothing! We simply must be willing to go through the “growing pains”. My prayer for actionchurch is that we remain “limber”. That we constantly “move”, stretch, and change to continue to connect with people in our community who are far from God. That we never get “set in our ways”. That we are always ready to “risk it all” for the next opportunity to serve our community… My prayer for actionchurch is… “Lord keep us limber…”

2 thoughts on “"Limber"

  1. Sorry, I’m pretty sure Buddha stays with the building…I will miss “preaching at him” every week though…HA