Sunday Recap: Rock Band pt. III

Today was week three of the Rock Band sermon series. We talked about things that bands (and churches) argue about…and the things that are not worth arguing about… Grace is a non-negotiable function of the church. It’s messy…it’s difficult…it causes arguments (as in Acts 15) but in the end we must extend undeserved grace to others…because it has been given to us. We didn’t “accept Jesus”…he accepted us…when we did not deserve it!

The Highlights:

  • Thanks to our opening (Rock band) act…Garrett did a great job “preparing the crowd” to experience the musical genius that is “Napalm”
  • I “heart” the Gulls…I like their spirit…I like the way they love Jesus and don’t take themselves too seriously…I love the Deftones cover (Minerva) they did at the end of service…What a great and original band! Thanks Guys.
  • Ever heard the statement “you can’t win em all”? Today absolutely proved that to be true! Some weeks are just going to be “Off”….
  • I forgot to prepare 3 things…that I have Done EVERY week since we launched 7 months ago…like I said…sometimes things are just OFF!
  • We have been having great attendance all through summer…Ironically on the first weekend of fall…after we announced that we are moving to a larger club…attendance was the lowest it has been since May…Wha?? (Come to think of it…this should probably be expected. Whenever we announced in the past that we were committed to doing something for the community that would be a real leap of faith financially…offerings would be immediately down. The good news is that we don’t move forward based on “reports” (either attendance or offering)…we operate on faith… I can’t wait to pack the new place out in October!)
  • Today was a “tough” sermon to preach…I really actually struggled to get it all in the time allotted…and I am usually done “early”. I am not a “long winded” dude…but there was so much more I would have liked to say!
  • I am going to miss Fat Daddy’s… but we spent some time after church over at Club 19 planning preparing for the Grand Opening over there on October 19…and it is going to ROCK…I am really starting to get stoked about the possibilities!
  • A little over a month ago I preached about God saying to Gideon “Go in the Strength that you have”(even though he had no Idea that he already had everything he needed to rescue his nation)…that is exactly what is happening at actionchurch. We are seeing so many people step up to use their talents and skills to take our impact on York county to the next level…truly amazing! I had no idea how many talented and gifted folks we are blessed with.
  • Even though we were low on attendance today it seemed like more people than ever stayed to help tear down…strange…but really appreciated!

Even after a tough week…I am really excited to see what God is up to at actionchurch

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