Sunday Recap: "Un" Series pt.2

Today was week two of the “Un” series…key word “unsure”. I continued the story of Gideon (Judges 6 and 7) by talking about how each step of the way Gideon was unsure…but not paralyzed by indecision… Being unsure is inevitable…it can be either the beginning or the end of your faith…depending on whether you chose to take action or not. What an amazing week this has been…we’ve not only been talking about how “God specializes in using unlikely, unsure, people for undeniable acts of greatness”…but truly living it out as a church as well. We started out the month of August absolutely unsure how we would be able to put on the York Fair event (and survive a month of 5 weeks of rent)…and we have truly seen an undeniable outpouring of support and generosity from the people of actionchurch…all I can say is wow.

The Highlights:

  • Last year Michele, Reagan, and I went to York fair alone…this year the tent is going to be packed with great actionchurch folks ready to serve fair goers free Duncan Donuts coffee and give away free actionchurch balloons for the kids. I am really excited to hang out with our folks! Whenever it comes time to serve the community…actionchurch folks are always ready to go…If I weren’t the “preacher dude” I would still love to attend a place like actionchurch…way to go!
  • I can’t believe I’m saying this but thanks to some very generous people…all of our York Fair give away expenses are covered…If you were planning on giving…please go ahead…we’ll be glad to give away more stuff…but it I am so grateful to say that as of now we are covered. Sweet!
  • Fire From the Sky on stage…cool band…lots of energy. Always a pleasure to work with them.
  • Packed house on Labor Day weekend…we are seriously working on making some more seats for this fall…stay tuned for details…
  • For some reason I felt like I never quite “connected” with the sermon this week…Preaching is kinda like being on a sports team or in a band…no matter how much you prepare…no matter how “ready” you may be…sometimes you just have an “off” week. As seriously as I take communicating on Sunday morning, I’m so proud and excited about what the people of actionchurch are doing that I’m not even going to worry about it…Sunday morning is about so much more than me…
  • I know I keep saying the same thing in so many different ways but our people really rock…I actually got out of the way Bill and Garrett downstairs and set up went faster and looked better without me…
  • After church the crew tore down and loaded all the stuff for the Fair and we were still out before One o’clock…you guys rock.
  • Speaking of loading for the Fair…Jerry D let us borrow the “ac allstars bus” (Below) so we can have a place to store and transport all of our supplies and gear for the Fair… Awesome…I wonder if he’ll mind if I cover it with actionchurch graphics before I return it…
  • Thanks to Jared and Melissa for teaching actionkidz today…actually thanks to everyone who does the tough (but important) job of making sure that our “kidz” grow up thinking church is fun and Jesus is real!
  • …as I said today I am “unsure” of exactly what the future holds for actionchurch…but I am certain that God is using a bunch of “unlikely” folks who show up at Fat Daddy’s Nightclub on Sunday mornings to do something absolutely “undeniably” awesome. I am seriously overwhelmed and humbled to be part of the “action”… stay tuned!

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