"Leftover" questions from "txt msg"…

I’ve had these questions in Tupperware in the freezer since yesterday so they still should be “good”. As I say on Sunday…I’m not an “expert” on anything but 80’s metal and latex paint, but I will do the dangerous act of saying what I think… These are the answers I would have given if I would have had time during the sermon…if you disagree feel free to sound off in the comments.

Q. If God says we should love one another how can he also say that we shouldn’t like gay people?

A. God says that we are to love our “neighbors” as ourselves…gay, straight, or “evil mac user” we should treat everyone with kindness and love…no exceptions! I think one of the saddest comments on the church in society today is that we are known for “being judgemental and mean to gay people”.

Q. How do u share the greatest story ever with someone who doesn’t believe when Christians have distorted it for so many years?

A. Live it! Love them… Admit that we as “Christians” are “wrong” at times…don’t argue!

Q. Why does God take away people that we love and need at such a young age?

A. Wow, I wish I had a good answer for that…the “faith” part of my brain wants to say that the Bible says that there is a “time to live and a time to die” and we all have the opportunity to live eternally…so maybe it only seems to us that God is “taking our loved ones away” HOWEVER, the part of me that has a child and has experienced loss of loved ones would think that was a “crappy un-helpful answer”…so sorry, I am out! I honestly don’t know.

Q. If you desecrate your body with tattoos will it keep you from getting into heaven?

A. It may keep you from getting into a Jewish cemetery…but not heaven. And “sorry” we will have new bodies in heaven so that sponge bob tattoo you have will not be with you for all eternity. There is scripture where God told the Israelites not to cut themselves or tattoo themselves (go there) …but if you notice the verse before it says also not to cut the “corners” of your hair or trim your beard…so unless you look like ZZ top I don’t want to hear about it!

Q. Can a Christian have a relationship with a “non-believer”?

A. Of course…Christians should have friendly loving relationships with those outside our faith. The Bible warns about entering into business or marriage relationships with “non-believers”…. It’s hard enough to sustain a marriage or business relationship with someone with your same core values and moral code…It’s nearly impossible when you don’t agree your faith. The Bible does teach though that if we become a follower of Jesus and our spouse is not yet a “Christian” we are not to leave them…but instead to live a life that would cause them to want to be a follower of Jesus also. (That means no early morning “bullhorn preaching” telling your spouse that they are “going to hell!)

Q. Can u lose your salvation?

A. Wow, this should be a post by itself… “My answer”…my belief is that you can not “lose” your salvation…you can not do something and “oops” I lost my salvation…but I do think you can choose to turn your back on Jesus and walk away from the faith. In the end God is the Judge and his people will continue to argue about whether a person that clearly is no longer a follower of Jesus “lost his salvation” or “was never ‘saved’ in the first place”. I think all those arguments come out of us not being able to see into peoples hearts like God can… for more thoughts on this check out the parable of the sower that Jesus told. (go there)

Final Question: Don, how do I get my hair like yours?

A. Men’s wigs!

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