"accidental" growth

Last night I was working out…after eating peanut butter oreos and milk (seriously) and I realized that I had “accidentally” added 20 pounds of resistance to my bench press.

What’s the point you might ask?

  1. It’s really difficult to figure out which power rods on a bowflex “add up” to a certain weight…I need a calculator.
  2. I am bragging that I now bench press 40 pounds!!!
  3. Even though I would have sworn that I was “not ready” to add more weight…I did it with only a little more difficulty. I didn’t even realize I had added resistance until after my bench presses were over.

I’m wondering if this sheds some light on why God seems to push me into “areas of more resistance” that I swear I am not ready for… Maybe we limit ourselves by what we “think we are ready for”. Maybe God has to “surprise” us with more “resistance” so we will continue to grow and not plateau. I’m starting to “rhyme” so I must go…

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