I got an email yesterday promoting a “program” for churches that promised to “insure that your church is filled with happy, healthy, Christians”. I am not sure if the program can “deliver” a church filled with “happy, healthy, Christians”…but if it can- I have two words for them:

God Forbid!

God forbid that there be a Sunday at actionchurch where there was no one in the audience who is “unhappy”, “unhealthy”, or “unChristian“… God forbid there be a Sunday morning where there is no one attending that is “questioning”, “cynical”, “lost”, “looking” or “let down”. God forbid there be a Sunday at actionchurch where everyone is a “believer”, a “worshiper” and “just looking forward to hearing God’s word”… That will be the Sunday that I consider an utter failure! No matter how many people attend, how large the offering is…or how “great the music is”-the day we are only “doing church for the already convinced”…is the day we fail.
Make sure to not miss the first song Sunday…The Gulls are kicking off the service with Smashing Pumpkins “Disarm”…..oh yeah.

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