Sunday Recap: Summer at the Shore

Today was the final week of the Summer at the Shore series. I talked about what you can expect if you become a follower of Jesus. (John 21) Final week of the Series…final week for Clean Slate…
Here’s the highlights…

  • Awesome set from Clean Slate. I had them do five songs today. They started off with “Calm before the Storm” a Staind Cover “Everything Changes” “Open your eyes” and then a Seether cover “Rise above the this” They closed out the day with “Believe”. We are really gonna miss them. I invited Dave and Chris to play when they get their new project together… I hope they will.
  • This was a very complex morning…lots going on. Five Songs…two videos…and Josiah was on vacation. Everything went great…thanks Rob for a great fill-in job on video.
  • Lot’s of the normal “crew” on vacation…thanks to everyone who came to help set up…and tear down. We were actually up and running as early as we have ever been finished. I am really happy with how much “depth” we are getting in our volunteer base.
  • Great crowd again…even with so many people gone on vacation. June has probably been our best month yet for attendance…go figure. actionchurch folks have never heard of the “summer slump”
  • I am looking forward to starting the new “at the movies” series…I don’t know that I will do another “5-week” series any time soon…I have about “zero” attention span.
  • I probably talked about more personal “experience with Jesus” stuff than I have…but I want our people to know that I am on the “journey” with them…I’m certainly not “there”.
  • Thanks to everyone that continues to invite your friends, invest your cash, and be involved at actionchurch…you are the reason we are able to do what we do!

One thought on “Sunday Recap: Summer at the Shore

  1. I have many boats I have jumped out of, and some I need to jump out of. Not to mention the few that I feel like I crashed into a rock. I feel like I am blessed to be able to know when I need to ask God for guidance, instead of thinking I’m good on my own. I’m also glad I have a place I can go weekly to get my tuneup so to speak. The band was great, and as always I get a lot to think about from the message. Thanks again for offering the place to go that isn’t all boring and stuff.