Clean Slate on Sunday…

It’s hard to believe that Sunday will be the last appearance for Clean Slate. They have been such an important part of the actionchurch story from the very beginning. They played our first “Test Drive” services and our Launch on February 10th. They were prominently featured in the first television coverage of actionchurch. These guys are some of the nicest most talented people I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Jason (pictured) and Glendon are stepping away from the band after Sunday… Dave and Chris are putting together a new project and hopefully we will hear them in the future.

If you have appreciated the guys from Clean Slate as much as I have make sure and tell them “Thanks” on Sunday…

One thought on “Clean Slate on Sunday…

  1. Imagine this old dude, over half century old, just a little depressed since a month ago. All because I had made plans to be out of town the weekend that Clean Slate would be playing at Action Church! I liked their style with each member standing out with their individual talents.

    Well it turns out that my wife and I desided to leave the beach area in Northern NJ where we were spending some “alone” time, away from the kids. The weather didn’t look good for sun worship (can I say that!); so we picked up and left our motel at 7am.

    It dawned on me, half way home, that we just might get back in time for church and Clean Slate! We pulled into the driveway at 10:20, unloaded and I left for church. My wife could not make it due to something else at home.

    Don’s message was really good and I can relate to jumping or not jumping off the “boat” I find myself sailing.

    Jason, Chris, Dave and Glen played a great set and I was rocking! I definately enjoy listening to them play and will miss them. I am hoping that Dave and Chris will be back with their new band.

    Good luck, and may you be blessed in what you do in the future.