Upcoming stuff:

Here’s some upcoming stuff that I am looking forward to… blog readers get “advance warning”.

  1. T-shirts are being printed and will be available next week! They will look like the picture and will be available in black or white. We will be selling them and all proceeds for t-shirts sold between now and Relay for Life will be donated to the Relay. I’ll be able to announce more details Sunday…it’s a simple and practical way to “Invite, Invest & get Involved” and look good doing it.
  2. Speaking of Relay- The date for Relay for Life is June 13th-14th. Michele will be organizing the walkers in shifts but everyone should feel free to come by and “hang” anytime. Michele and I will be there the entire 24 hr period and we are looking forward to getting to know our way cool, very generous, “action heroes” better!
  3. Baptisms and BBQ- We will be doing a sermon series in June called “Summer at the Shore”… at the end of the series we will be having a “Baptism and BBQ” party out on the Deck of Fat Daddy’s. If you would like to go public with the fact that you are a follower of Jesus I can think of no better place to do it. I already have some people who want to “get dunked”…I definitely think there will be more! Maybe the slogan should be instead of “I got drunk at Fat Daddy’s Nightclub” … “I got Dunk(ed) at Fat Daddy’s Nightclub”…what do you think?

These are just the things I can talk about that are coming up in May and June…it’s going to be a very exciting summer!

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