"tract-ground" checks?

Yesterday I was working on a contract I have to paint all the exterior doors of an apartment complex. (yep…green and white). It’s mildly inconvenient for the residents because we have to leave their doors open for an hour after painting to let the paint dry. Fortunately in ten hours of work only one person was rude and impatient about the work being done…unfortunately she also was the one person who gave me a tract!

I believe in freedom, and although personally I wouldn’t mind seeing religious tracts banned…I think that people have a “right” to hand out tracts. I know that “tracts don’t turn people away from Jesus”…people-who-act-like-jerks handing out tracts turn people away from Jesus. But couldn’t we all agree that maybe there should be some kind of back ground check for people who want to purchase tracts? Just a simple back-ground check to see if people wanting to give out tracts have any history of being demanding, cheap, selfish, “a bad tipper”, or just overall an “annoying hump”? We could call it the national “tract-ground” check… What do you think?

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