Sunday Recap:

  • What an awesome day… I came to church thinking that it would be impossible for the day to be any worse…and left wondering how the day could possibly be any better.
  • The real story of actionchurch is the miracles that God does in peoples lives….the stuff I can’t talk about…but the stuff that makes what we do so worth it!
  • Offering was great today we were over budget+ someone put in three winning lottery tickets. Seriously…none of them were big winners…just a couple of bucks…but it was so stinkin’ cool to pastor a church where people give what they have…even lottery tickets…I love this job. If you’re reading this…you made our day!
  • I “heart” Clean Slate. I “heart” Clean Slate. Awesome set today. “Rise today” (Alterbridge) two new songs from their upcoming CD. “Alive” and “Cut the noose”. Last song of the day was “Never too late” by Three Days Grace…I actually got a little choked up by what God was saying to us today.
  • actionkidz continues to grow and improve…we owe a great debt to Jeff and Chrissy Compton for leading it with great vision and commitment!
  • I had so much fun talking about Gods plan to reward us…I love using Office Space clips..but I swear that’s the last one for a while.
  • My wife Michele is my hero…She definitely has the hardest Job at actionchurch. In case you didn’t know she’s the one who cleans all the Bathrooms etc at the club from Saturday night gross to Sunday morning “squeaky clean”…It truly is the “unseen” things that make all the difference.
  • I am so thankful for all the people that are stepping up to volunteer and serve on Sunday Mornings…I am even more thankful for the people that are serving the kingdom during the week!
  • We had a blast hangin‘ after service at the pizza buffet with the crew from X-stream…they rock and we appreciate all their help so much. I love “strategic partnerships” that actually a greater than the sum of their parts…Gods plan is exponential!
  • If you miss Easter…you just missed it!

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