Re-th(ink) -The Bible

This week at actionchurch we will be continueing the Re-th(ink) series and talking about the Bible. Everyone has different perceptions about the Bible. The “white-rapper-dude” in the video above has some serious “Bible Issues”…I find myself both laughing and cringing when I watch it. Yikes-I think there’s a treatment center for that!

So what do you think about the Bible? Do you think it’s just another book? Do you think it’s like a “magic 8-ball” that you open up and wait for answers? Do you think it’s like a text book that you study to pass the “Christian Test”? Do you think it’s like a “Book of Magic” that you search for the “magic” verse to repeat like an “incantation”? Are you unsure about what the Bible is “for” but somehow feel like reading it is the “right thing to do”.

I am looking forward to talking about the Bible using something “familiar” that I bet you’ve never considered…

See ya Sunday.

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