Sponsors needed

Remember the movie “Days of Thunder” where Tom Cruise managed not only to meet his first wife but also race an underfunded, unsponsored, “homebuilt” race car into the Daytona 500 and box office success? Taking a huge chance on finishing well enough to interest sponsors and “save the day” is a not a great plot for a movie (and probably a worse way to start a Church) but that’s basically how actionchurch began.

Seventeen months ago, actionchurch began with a burning passion to create a place for those “outside” of the churches in York County. My wife and I had no formal training in starting any church, let alone one for “people who don’t like church”, and my only real ministry qualification was being fired from my first paid position as associate minister. So I did what any entreprenuerial person with with an unquenchable passion would do…I started building a church from scratch.

At first we funded actionchurch ourselves…we didn’t ask for money…honestly we didn’t think we had much to show potential “sponsors” to convince them that actionchurch was more than a “dream”. Over time other “dreamers” have joined us but we still are without any substantial outside funding.

So here we are now. actionchurch is by the grace of God and against all odds actually a reality. We’ve qualified for the “race”…people who would ordinarily not go to church are choosing to come to a nightclub on sunday morning to hear about Jesus. Children who have never been to church are hearing about Jesus for the first time in a captivating and exciting way. People who would ordinarily never go to church are choosing to volunteer their time and talents to make our Sunday mornings possible. Even the nightclub owners have been extremely generous in their support! But without outside help we will simply not be able to continue our “race”. We need a sponsor(s).

Our budget is small because all of our staff volunteer at this point. Our only expenses are what it costs to have sunday morning gatherings, community service events, and the commitments we have made to support local ministries. Truthfully, if we were a “typical” church we would be more than meeting our budget even at our current size. Unfortunately, People who most need a place like actionchurch simply do not come with a “membership transfer” letter and a stack of uncashed tithe checks. To get over this hurdle we need financial support from people who believe everyone should hear about Jesus…whether they can “support ministry” or not!

We currently need to raise $5000.00 to put actionchurch on firm financial footing. This money will be used to pay rent expenses for March (it has 5 Sundays), and put on a great community service event at a local park for Easter. We are also looking for organization or individuals who will contribute monthly during our first year. If you believe a place like actionchurch should exist please do not disregard this need. Prayerfully consider giving whatever you can. Consider forwarding this posting on to other individuals or organizations who may also be able to contribute. Please Join us in prayer that our financial needs will be met and actionchurch will continue to tell lost, letdown, and “looking” people about Jesus.

Thanks for supporting actionchurch. Unfortunately we cannot put your name “on our car” but you can become an “action hero” and part of this incredible “long-shot” victory for the kingdom.
Our online donations area accepts cards and checks and of course all gifts are tax deductible. Please email (info@actionchurch.com) for mailing address for checks.

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