Thanksgiving moment.

It’s early Thanksgiving morning. Reagan, the cat, and I are (sorta) awake and watching cartoons in my office. I can hear Michele on the treadmill in our home gym below me…and grandpa is asleep upstairs. Reagan just convinced me to give her twizzlers “because she had already taken her vitamins and it was OK” (It made sense to me when she “explained” it.)… Just another ordinary moment…but somehow it makes me want to stop and just be grateful for how blessed we are!

I am so thankful that I serve a God who blesses ordinary, broken, slobs like me with so very much!
I am so thankful for my “girls”…they are truly my biggest blessing!
I am thankful to have enough to share with others.
I am thankful that I am free in America to pursue my God-given dreams and passions…even if something as crazy as starting a church in a nightclub.
I am thankful for friends old and new who God has sent to share the journey.
Happy thanksgiving…I hope you take some time to enjoy a “thanksgiving moment” with the ones you love!

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