Inspired again…

I posted Monday about being inspired by all the stuff LCBC was doing for “others” over the holidays… I know it’s easy to think ” Of course they can make a difference, they have thousands attending and have been established for over twenty years.” What can a newly launched church that doesn’t have thousands of members do to show their love for their community? I’m glad you asked….

My friend Mike Silliman and the amazing crew at Elk Creek Church just delivered 139 turkey dinners to their community even though their first service was September 23rd! To make this even more inspiring, they took up a special offering barely one month after launching and people generously gave $2000.00 to buy the food and “fixin’s“. It just shows what a newly launched church can do if their focus is to serve and share the love of Jesus with their community. Check out the full story on Mikes Blog. (link)

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