Is this a good idea???

I know this is just an awful picture…but I saw this sign on I-83 in York yesterday and I had to snap a picture. (It’s also photographic proof that my truck is fast enough to drive on the interstate.) The sign has a website on it and basically invites everyone to gather to pray on July 7, 2007 (777) for “the return of our Lord”. Does anyone think this is a good idea?

Here’s the deal… If we are the “chosen ones” and salvation is all about getting us out of this life to a cushy life in heaven, well beam me up! Let’s ditch this planet like a rock band checking out of a trashed hotel room!

If, however, the Great Commission and the Great Commandment not to mention that whole “you are the light of the world” thing make us more responsible than “special”…is this a good time to be praying for the masters return?

What if, (and I know “no one knows the hour”) Jesus did come back for the Church now? Could it be that the “final episode” of the Church in America would turn out to be a lot like the final episode of Seinfeld? (In that episode the ultra-self-centered characters were prosecuted and convicted for “lack of humanity” for standing by and laughing while an obese man was mugged… ) What if praying for “the soon return of our Lord” is like a teenager left alone for the weekend calling for the “soon return of his parents” as he stands in the middle of a raging “kegger” being held in their living room? Once again I ask…Does this seem like a good idea?

I think I’m going to pray this: Jesus please withhold your return. Please forgive us for making a mess of things. Help us to turn from the things that waste our time and break our hearts for the things that break yours. I know it is your desire that everyone experience the good news of your kingdom. Give us strength, love, and courage to make that our top priority also. Amen

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