Thanks Darren!

One of my dreams for actionchurch is that it be a gathering for people of all races. It doesn’t seem right to me that church on Sunday morning is the most racially segregated place in York County. (and America) My “question” has been how to be racially diverse without being “forced” or “phony”? (I am the pastiest white guy in America…your never going to hear “fo’ schizell” in my sermon…)

I had the opportunity to ask that question and many others of Darren Plummer (listed in Blogs I Read) yesterday. Darren is the African American pastor of a racially diverse church (Mosaic Community Church). He was kind enough to not only answer my questions but to share the story of his life and the launch of their new church.

I feel blessed that someone busy with a new church launch would take time out to answer my questions. It was so interesting to note that even though you could not pick two more “different” guys (from the outside) our backgrounds, vision for the future, and leadership styles are very similar. I think that might be part of the answer to my question… Thanks Darren!

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