Happy Birthday, Michele!

My wife Michele is turning 40 today. There won’t be any black balloons or “over the hill” jokes around our house because I’m almost there myself. I was thinking though, that I have spent almost twenty of those years with her! I just realized that, (although this won’t get me a job writing cards for Hallmark) after all these years she’s still a “mystery” to me…

I still don’t understand how:

She can shop with Reagan like the Gilmore Girls, and still save money like Dave Ramsey. If you want to “live long and prosper” don’t get between Michele and a stack of coupons or a clearance sale.

She can work out every day like a pro athlete, and still bake and clean like Betty Crocker. True story, Michele wore a hole in the running surface (belt) of our last treadmill…

She can look like a “desperate housewife”, and pray like Joyce Meyer. Note to self: Triple check the previous sentence. If you get those references backwards it could paint a very different picture… That could turn out very badly.

She is a great mother to both a 23 year old son, and a 3 year old daughter…but wait there’s more, she’s still way more “hot mama” than “mother hen”!

Happy birthday baby! If we are blessed with another 40 years together I probably won’t be able to figure you out…But I sure look forward to trying.

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