Hangin' with a three year old…

Yesterday, was our day off. Michele had a dentist appointment and some other stuff to do so I ended up spending much of the day with our daughter Reagan.

Why its fun to hang out with a three year old:

  1. It’s fun to teach them stuff. I taught Reagan to blow bubbles. She thinks mastering the “bubble wand” is a big deal…so do I.
  2. It’s fun to learn from them. I learned that “fish don’t need baths, because they swim so much”. I also learned a new word. “Kindful” We are trying to teach Reagan to be king, helpful, thankful, etc. She’s turned it into one word….”kindful” I’m gonna try to be more “kindful” this week!
  3. She likes washing cars: If I ever get a chance to “guest write” a new commandment it will be: “Wash thy car, especially the wheels, for brake dust is an abomination”…. Reagan agrees…Or maybe just likes spraying things with the hose.
  4. She has a giggle fit when I use the word “stinky”. ’nuff said.

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