Doing the "opposite"

I worked out for the first time in three weeks last night. I stopped because of the possibility of rupturing my spleen. (a complication of the mono). I don’t exactly know what my spleen is…but it is truly a sweet excuse not to excercise.

Actually, I enjoy working out. Even on the days I have to “drag myself” downstairs to our home gym after work, I always feel better afterward. Here’s what struck me as I worked out last night. I have been weight training for years, yet after only three weeks “off”, I could easily replace that time with sitting on the couch, eating Oreos, and watching TV. I am really going to have to have self-discipline to get back in the “habit” of working out.

Why is it that good habits are easy to fall out of, and bad habits are hard to break? Why is it that I have to discipline myself to read the Bible and talk to my creator, but no one has ever had to remind me to watch more TV? I think there is a little “George Costanza” (wiki) in all of us. Maybe we should just do the “opposite” of what our natural instincts are. What do you think?

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