Free water?

One of the most important aspects of introducing actionchurch to York county is by doing acts of kindness and generosity, sometimes called “servant evangelism“. This will include giving away free bottled water at intersections, parades, the racetrack, etc. We plan to have a free water and coffee tent at the fair. As weather gets colder and we get closer to launching we have plans to scrape peoples windshields, clear sidewalks etc. This is such an important part of our “DNA” that we plan not only to continue these events after launching, but also to encourage actionchurch members to consistently make such acts of kindness and generosity a part of their day to day lives. We are certainly not the first use these methods, in fact a recently launched church in the Washington DC area just posted about their experiences giving away water at an intersection. (link)

Are you a little skeptical that such methods could actually work? Do you wonder about all the people who will take the “gift” and never even visit the actionchurch website? To be honest, I have thought those same thoughts…

Although I believe servant evangelism is a biblical principal, (Jesus healed and fed as well as taught), many web based business follow this same model. For example on the right hand side of this blog you can see the “feedburner” and “statcounter” logo’s. Both companies provide free services to web users. Feedburner distributes blogs in RSS or email formats. Statcounter keeps track of visitors and traffic. Both companies provide a free service in order to advertise on their website and sometimes offer paid “upgrade” services to their users. Many people take advantage of these companies services and never “pay” or visit their sponsors, some never upgrade…however, enough people do join and “contribute” to make these companies viable businesses.

Still unconvinced that an organization can give away goods and services with “no strings attached” and still build up a large and profitable membership? You may have heard of these “little” companies- Google and YouTube They seem to be “surviving” quite well…

Want to be part of our “kindness and generosity revolution”? It could be as simple as handing out a bottle of “free water”. Please contact me a for more information.

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