York Relay for Life (Two)

I posted about our first community event(original post) , York Relay for life two weeks ago. There are now less than two months until we walk. The Relay takes place June 14-15.

Two reasons “Relay” is a great first event for actionchurch
1) We want to take actionchurch to our community instead of just expecting our community to come to church. Sorry, that means no lame fall festivals, VBS, etc. Instead our vision is to generously participate and support community events, parades, etc.
2) We want to consistently and significantly invest our time and money in agencies that do good in our community! To say we “Love York county” and not help provide for it’s neediest members is as inconsistent as saying someone loves their family, “but doesn’t financially care for them or spend time with them.” Nuff said…
Bonus Reason: I just found out yesterday that I will have the opportunity at the rally to “tell about our actionchurch team and why we are walking”. Sweet!

Two ways you could help us make Relay a success.
1) Walk with us! Hang with us. Have some fun! Wear the actionchurch “colors”.
2) Financially Sponsor our Relay team. We want to give a generous donation to the American Cancer Society. You can help us do that!

Please contact me for more information info@actionchurch.com about walking or sponsoring “team actionchurch”. Thanks!

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