I've noticed…

…that ever since I put an actionchurch.com window sticker on our cars, my gas mileage has increased by at least 50%! Also, my acceleration times are lower and our vehicles have actually stopped depreciating! (Tire wear has also improved.) As an added benefit I just noticed that there are now always empty parking spots at wal-mart “saved” for me-right up front! (You know, the ones with the blue signs!)
If you would like to “tune up” your vehicle and help spread the word in the York area, let me know. info@actionchurch.com We have more “magic stickers” available.
Thanks to the crew at Fastsigns for making the “magic” possible. You guys rock!
Disclaimer: (read really fast) YMMV. Have your vehicle driven on a closed course by a professional driver. Nothing but a miracle will stop your vehicle from depreciating…unless it is a hemicuda from 1972. actionchurch sticker actually weighs .0002 gram and may make your gas mileage decrease by .00088%. Don’t operate heavy equipment. May cause vomiting ,diarrhea, and dizziness. For God sake, don’t park in handicapped spots. If you stare at your vehicle with its new actionchurch sticker for more than four hours, see a doctor immediately.

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