Day of Action

I’ve been sitting back, waiting for my turn to tell you all about the upcoming – first ever –  “Day of Action”.  I kind of get a chuckle out of the pre-announcements and “sort of” announcements and the information that is floating around about this event. What I can tell you right now is that you are not going to want to miss being a part of something that can change how you look at your world.

Here are the basics. The event is being held during the week of July 9-13.  You can volunteer any day or time during that week –  however, the focus for us as a church is going to be Friday the 13th– some people’s superstition – our DAY OF ACTION!   Beginning early in the morning we will be gathering at the Logos Academy on West King Street in York to prepare and serve breakfast for all the volunteers.  Then we will be going to individual job sites to help our neighbors in need with all sorts of home repair.  At the end of the day – we will be providing the evening meal for all the volunteers and homeowners, as we gather together to recount the amazing ways God was moving among us as we took action by serving others.

The group we will be partnering with is called Servants, Inc.  They have fantastic information on their website – be sure to look them up. Basically they are a local organization who come alongside homeowners to provide home maintenance and repair services to the elderly, the disabled or the needy who are unable for whatever reason, to do the work themselves and are unable to pay professionals to do the work for them.

But here is the beauty of this project – you DO NOT need to know how to operate power tools.  You don’t even have to LIKE power tools.  You just need to have a willingness to serve. Throughout the coming weeks I will be detailing all sorts of ways that you can be a part of this amazing event!

Today – I want you to physically pick up the phone and either call or email Alisha Crooks. Yes!  Right now!  Even before you finish reading …..just pick up the phone and call.    Alisha is one of the sweetest people I know and I want you to overwhelm her with phone calls!😊  I want you to leave so many messages that she has to hire an assistant to return calls. I want her to get sick of hearing “Hi! I’m from actionchurch!”

Alisha Crooks

Ph:  (717) 378-0336


Even if you don’t have a clue how you can help – call Alisha and tell her who you are, what you like to do, what you think you are good at (or bad at) doing and I guarantee you she WILL find a way for you to be a part of the event.  If you are interested in being a part of an actual work crew on a job site you will have to get in touch with Servants – BEFORE Friday !  They need to get an idea of skills and available volunteers so they know how to organize for the jobs that are the highest priority.

Get ready gang! Actionchurch is going to love God, love others and take action in a big way during our first ever DAY OF ACTION!

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