Teach a Man to Fish


“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28

Boy: The wildest of all animals. A noise with dirt on it in constant motion – usually in the form of antagonizing a sibling. And I have raised four of them. Wrestling grapplers, football tacklers, dirt bike racing, heavy ammo hunting, never cry Uncle, all action – all the time – boys.

So, honestly, this concept of rest – is really unique for my family. This biblical truth – that if we are weary and burdened and we come to God willingly he will give us rest – is very…..and I mean VERY appealing right now.

Fishing happens to be one of our most relaxing past times. Fortunately for me – we don’t live near the ocean and we only watch the chaotic, crazy, loud fishing that seems to be Wicked Tuna. At least for now, our kind of fishing usually involves a peaceful pond, nice weather, serene tranquil quiet and hopefully a couple of chapters of a book (if I’m lucky). Animal activist alert – we do use live bait – because, well – BOYS.

Anyway – I think maybe that’s why the image of fishing that comes to mind from Psalm 55, verse 22 really brings me peace in the craziest, most hectic times of my life….which are usually the direct result of – said boys.

“Cast your burden on the Lord and he will sustain you.” (Psalm 55:22) Should be a tattoo at my house instead of a cross stitch pillow!

Close your eyes and envision a fisherman casting his line. For some reason it’s always in slow motion in my imagination and involves Brad Pitt fly fishing in hip waders….but, maybe that’s just me. When most fisher-folk (gender neutral) cast their line, there is actually a unique beauty to the motion. It is not hurried or choppy. It is not hectic, cumbersome or rushed. The action of casting is a fluid motion of release. It is, in a word – peaceful.

“Cast your burden on the Lord.” Just throw it out there. Release whatever is keeping you awake at night; that thing that is causing you stress and anxiety – give it to God.

And even better yet…..”He will sustain you.” He’s got this. He will hold you up. He will help you endure and withstand the turmoil in your life that is making you weary.

So – even if your pond is more like a raging river or a turbulent ocean – I encourage you to give this casting business a try. Don’t worry if there is no artistry in your cast; chuck it like a two handed, between your legs, underhand, lob down the bowling alley of life if you have to….but give it to the one who can and WILL sustain you.

He – in return – will give you rest.

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