actionkidz Easter Sunday

actionkidz check in

If you have friends or family members with small children who don’t have a church to attend this Sunday, don’t miss the opportunity to invite them to our actionkidz Easter Celebration.  From our very first Easter, when actionchurch was a struggling start-up renting out Fat Daddys Nightclub for Sunday Services, the actionkidz celebration was a huge part of Easter Sunday at actionchurch!   (I think that first year we dropped hundreds of filled plastic eggs ON the children…maybe not the best idea…but it was really EGG-citing.;-)

This year, our first year in our new facility, Kate and the entire actionkidz team have been preparing for our best Easter Celebration ever!  Your kids…and the kids you invite…will hear the GREAT NEWS that Jesus is alive. The’ll learn the REAL story of Easter,  AND they’ll learn that church on Sunday morning isn’t boring…but in fact can be the BEST hour of the week!

WE solemnly promise NOT to drop easter eggs (or anything else) on your children.

They WILL thank you for inviting them.

(And, their parents just might discover that church isn’t exactly as they remembered either…so bring them along as well)

See you Sunday!

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