Fixer Upper

genesis copy

I’ve been involved with two “fixer uppers” in the past year. Both of the projects were approached in the same manner:

* Completely gut the inside. Save the bones
* Invest lots of muscle and very little money

One project was undertaken this way by choice. The other project commenced the same way as a result of poor choices. Let me say that neither one of them was as glamorous as those home improvement shows on HGTV.

As I jumped ahead in my study of the book of Genesis to the next big Veggie Tale story (You know – “the animals came by two-sies, two-sies….Elephants and kangaroo-sies”) it kind of struck me how God “fixed up” creation – not once – but twice in almost the same manner but with people who had made extremely different choices.

With Adam and Eve, God completely gutted his original concept of paradise on earth. Yet, He quite literally – saved their bones. They started life again with only the leather pants that God had given them. Because of their sin, they had to invest lots of muscle as they toiled and sweated in the fields. Adam and Eve had made poor choices.

Now – with Noah, God again completely gutted/flooded the earth. And once again – God chose to save Noah and his family. But here’s the kicker – even though Noah made good choices and chose not to sin, he still had to work hard. I’ve seen land after a flood – and the water doesn’t slowly seep back into pretty ripened vineyards. There had to be a lot of sweat and a lot of muscle involved in rebuilding civilization yet again.

All of that comparison to say this: The non-variable in both “reno-jobs” was God’s love for his creation. His love was (and is) consistent. Even for the sinners.

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