Fig Leaves

genesis copy

There are a lot of characters in the old testament of the bible that Sunday School teachers love to put center stage in their lessons. Eve (of the famed Adam and Eve clothed in fig leaves duo) usually isn’t cast as a heroine. But I absolutely love to envision her as a strong, courageous and undaunted woman when she speaks with God in the Garden of Eden. Eve tends to get this bad rap of being an evil temptress, when in all actuality she simply took some bad advice, hung out with the wrong crowd and made some bad choices.

I can identify with her. We all can. But what I admire most about Eve is that she doesn’t point her finger and try to blame the serpent. She just answers God’s question honestly. She accepts her punishment with determination. She understands that her sin holds consequences. And then she moves out, moves on and continues the assignment that God had originally give her – “Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it.” Gen 1:27

You see, Eve could have ranted and raved about the injustice of it all. She could have pouted and thrown a temper tantrum. After going through the first labor pains she could have been one and done. And yet in the fourth chapter of Genesis she continues to praise and thank God even though she has been condemned to toil in pain. After she is banished from the garden and given birth her words are “…With the help of the Lord I have brought forth a man.” Gen 4:1

We all stumble. We all sin. We all fall down. But, when we have the courage to get back up – when we have a humble attitude and are willing to accept grace – when we understand that our sins have consequences and we have the backbone to accept responsibility…..then and only then can we begin to rebuild our relationship with the Lord.

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