In the Beginning

genesis copy

“Let the water under the sky be gathered to one place, and let dry ground appear.” Genesis 1:9

Just like that. And just as easily…..for God, anyway…..He can call the rains and the dry ground can disappear again. A hurricane approaches land as 27 inches of rain falls. Rivers change courses. Dams overflow and new marsh is created. The line between land and sea is altered by rain slashed winds.

God gives and God takes away.

Our neighbor is nearing the end of his battle with cancer. It has affected all of us on the hill in different ways. Of course there is sadness….but as most of you know – there are a whole range of other emotions and feelings as well. The line between sadness and thankfulness that his suffering is ending is blurred by tears.

As I follow the news that was Hurricane Joaquim and the news from my neighbor’s side of the hill I’m beginning to realize that the “creation story” is way more than 31 verses long. It isn’t about merely seven days and seven nights documented in the first chapter of the Bible. God’s creation story is ever evolving.

He gives and He takes away.

Over thousands and thousands of years, whole land masses have changed and shifted. Where there were once raging rivers there are now amazing, grand canyons. Where there was once dry land there are now vast oceans, with creepy things living in the deep unexplored. Yep – God did that!

And just like thousands and thousands of people before us have experienced, there is sorrow when our loved ones leave us too soon, but also great joy when we welcome new beloveds to our world. Yep – God does that too!

Creation, by God’s grand design, happened in seven days, but – continues over generations. God planned and designed this world that there would be more chapters of our “genesis” to follow.

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