Sunday @ actionchurch


This week “At the Movies” we’re going “big”.  BIG movie.  BIG topic.  BIG questions.  So, take the time to watch interstellar  (it’s showing at 7pm Friday night at the church if you would like to see it in Hi-Def on the big screen), then show up on Sunday morning as we discuss it.  This may be the ONE sermon you hear about the theory of Relativity as discussed in the Bible (yep…it’s in there), the normalcy bias, space travel, corn, the return of Jesus Christ, and the “end of the world”. :-)   You probably don’t want to miss it.

We’ve also got some brand new music from “Sink In”  along with all the “normal” food and fun that makes actionchurch ANYTHING but a normal Sunday morning at church! We’ve even freed up more parking…so go a head and invite ALL your friends and family that have been curious about actionchurch. We look forward to seeing you at…well…at the actionchurch building (that sounds really weird somehow) :-) – 10:30 am (DIRECTIONS), and as usual, the actionkidz crew has a fantastic hour of learning and fun planned for your kids (infant to 6th grade) as well.

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