Relay for Life 2015

Relay Group
Chair:  Noun –  A seat with a back support, usually for one person.  Most chairs have four legs or feet.…… And – it just so happens that our 250+ brand new actionchurch chairs also happen to have comfy red cushions. Bonus!

You did it! One by one, or in groups of 10, sometimes by a big donation or maybe from the change you saved by not stopping at Starbucks – you did it!  actionchurch now has enough chairs to stuff in “the Box” and we are so close to opening the doors in North York we are literally sweating!

But now – we are going to ask you NOT to sit on one of those chairs that you just sacrificed your caffeine habit for. We are going to ask you to give that chair to someone else. We want you to find 250 people who have never stepped foot in a church (let alone actionchurch) and invite them to join us on Sunday May 31st for the inaugural opening of AC for North York   We are going to ask you to STAND in the back of the room and let someone else be the first person to SIT on that comfy red cushion.

Even better than that…..we are going to ask you NOT to SIT DOWN at all.

actionchurch has never been about sitting. The people I call friends at actionchurch have never sat around, wrung their hands and waited for someone else to do something. Our church has never been about the one hour a week when we gather together on a Sunday morning.  Even our small groups are about action in some form or another. Actionchurch itself is about……well……ACTION.

I am so excited that the very first action we are going to take as a church from our new home in North York is to go back out into the community. We are going to move in and then turn right back around and move most of our equipment (minus the chairs) back out! Seriously. The plan is to serve cancer survivors and their families……without sitting……for over 24 hours straight.

We won’t need the chairs – but we will need everyone who has ever been a part of actionchurch to join us on June 19th and 20th for the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life as we walk….(sometimes run around frantically)…..stumble, lift, carry, serve, minister to, and love over FOUR HUNDRED people in our community who are facing one of the most difficult battles of their lives.

You can bring your tent, you can bring your own camp chair – but honestly – the only things you really need are your actionT, a good pair of sneakers and a heart for serving others.

“O Lord, you examine me and know. You know when I sit down and when I get up; even from far away you understand my motives.”  Psalm 139:2 (NET Bible)


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