Are you ready to Flourish?

Flourish (Definition)

If you are starting this new year thinking about change, about personal growth, you will DEFINITELY want to be part of the new sermon series starting this Sunday (1.4.15).  If personal growth is the furthest thing from your mind, if you’ve given up on change, if you KNOW that New Years Resolutions and good intentions last about as long as the fresh organic produce that you’re going to ignore in your refrigerator’s crisper drawer after you quit your new diet, you ESPECIALLY don’t want to miss the new “FLOURISH” series.  The Bible has some incredible wisdom about creating the environment necessary to grow…to thrive…to yes-I’ll-say-it prosper.  We’ll start exploring that insight together at Frank Theaters this Sunday.

Make plans now to be part of it!

One thought on “Are you ready to Flourish?

  1. I’m ready to flourish! I am ready to move in a positive direction and especially find an opportunity to volunteer and have a positive effect on those around me.