I have to ride my kids pretty hard about homework, but I empathize with them. (And please – don’t anyone tell them that I actually agree with them!) They go to their institute of learning all day long and then when they come home they have MORE school work to complete. Let’s just say that my educator friends and I have completely different viewpoints on this matter. I usually use bad words in relation to homework.

And then we head out to church on Sunday morning and the preacher gives us MORE homework! I was trying to be sensible, control my temper and not say bad words….. at church..…..(although it kind of doesn’t seem depraved to swear since we’re in a movie theater – just sayin’!) But I learned that this week’s homework assignment is designed to augment and actually aid us in living out the wisdom of Proverbs 19:11.

“….you must all be QUICK to listen, SLOW to speak, and SLOW to get angry.” James 1:19

So I started thinking about this assignment. I failed miserably last week at controlling my temper. If God is into the standard grading system I would get a BIG, FAT, RED ‘F’ in the temper column. I guess I could use some extra credit. This week I’m trying really, really hard to do better.

Quick, slow, slow.

Quick, slow, slow.

Quick, slow, slow.

Then a customer called me up and chewed me out! She ripped into me with a nasty disposition and a snarky attitude about something that I had absolutely no control over. I explained the policy to the best of my ability and hung up the phone, stewing over how poorly I had been treated. I looked up the written policy and decided to whip out an email response/rebuttal to her complaint with copies to every boss on my list….just to show her who was right!

And then I remembered something I read earlier in the week:

Let God be glorified more than we want to be justified.”

And I hit the delete button. Quick, slow, slow. If you’re keeping score my grade should now be in the mid ‘C-ish’ range. I’m passing the class, but I’m eager to get to Frank Theater Sunday morning to see what I have to do to make the Dean’s List.


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