Food Items needed


One of the major ways actionchurch serves at York’s Relay for Life (June 20-21st) is by feeding people.  Thanks to your generosity and willingness to serve others, we will be able to provide completely free of charge:

A sit-down appreciation dinner for (400) Cancer survivors and care-givers on Friday night
Meals/snacks for volunteers throughout the event
Hot Breakfast for ALL (300+) participants on Saturday morning.
Free Shaved Ice and popcorn all day.
Free Coffee bar all night.

Here’s how you can be part of this amazing event.  Simply pick up any of these items at your local grocery, Mega-mart, or even-bigger-Mega-mart-club and bring them either of the next two Sundays (6/8 and 6/15)

Pre-Cooked Sausage patties
Soft Drinks
Pancake Mix and Syrup
Individual wrapped muffins/ danishes

Thanks so much for loving God, loving people, and taking action with your shopping cart!!!

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