Putting prayers into action.

We’ve spent the entire month of May learning to pray like Jesus taught his disciples to communicate with “our Father in Heaven”.   It’s been eye-opening at times…powerful…life changing…but prayer is the beginning, not the finish-line.  Jesus often went away from the crowds to rest and pray…but he ALWAYS came back to teach and serve with even more power!  To put it another way:  If learning to pray is like learning to dance, it’s time to take our new dance moves we’ve learned- and put on a dance marathon to serve our community!

June is a month filled with action, and there will be LOTS of opportunities to serve those in need, to give, to do amazing things while having “so-much-fun-I-can’t-believe-this-is-church”.  EVERYONE can be take part. NO ONE has to miss out.

Here’s what we’re asking you to do:

1.  If you have a smartphone or tablet make sure you have downloaded the app, because as Steven Tyler always says “You don’t want to miss a thing”.  DOWNLOAD HERE

2.  Mark Friday June 20- Saturday June 21st on your calendar.   Make plans to serve at some point during our Relay for Life serving event.  (Details Sunday)

3.  Don’t miss a Sunday service in June.  There is SO much going on each week, so make an appointment NOW to be at Frank Theaters at 10:30 each Sunday morning.  (Traveling?  keep up on the podcast and video on the app or website.)

Ready?  Take a breath…say a prayer…and together let’s Love God, Love people, and put our prayers into action in an unforgettable way!





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