Stick Together in actiongroups

If you missed the message this past Sunday, it was a great one! You can check out the podcast here. In the midst of a storm, Paul said to cut the lifeboats because if the sailors escaped the ship, there wouldn’t be anyone left to direct it to safety. They all stuck together.

“I’m so glad I got through the storm all by myself.”
— Said No One Ever.

Pastor Don talked about how sometimes in the midst of the storm, we can be tempted to detach ourselves from church, actiongroups, or friends. I can certainly relate to that. I don’t know what it is about human nature that makes us think that avoiding people will make our storm any better because it never does. I’ve never heard anyone regret sticking with their community during a crisis. Rather, you usually hear all the good things that came from sticking around: more prayer warriors on your side, a support system to fall back on, and even just simply having someone to call when you need a helping hand.

One of my favorite things about actionchurch is actiongroups! They are small groups of people that gather together outside of Sunday morning to do things like Bible study, work out, fellowship, and serve others. Denise says, “We don’t just meet up during the week, we do life together.” I know I’ve quoted her a thousand times on this blog, but it bears repeating every time.

Storms are inevitable when life happens. Don’t abandon the ship and think that will make it easier. I promise you it won’t. Cut those lifeboats and commit to doing life together! No matter what the storm, let’s stick together.

It’s never too late to plug in to an actiongroup, check out the list of them here. We’ll be launching our next season of actiongroups in June for the Summer. Feel free to contact me to get more information or answer any questions at

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