The Adventure Continues…


This weekend is the dreaded “spring forward” weekend of Daylight Savings Time, where you need to turn your clocks forward one hour on Saturday night.  Even though it will cost you an hour of sleep, you WON’T want to miss this episode of The Adventure Series.  This week we’ll continue talking about one of the most exciting adventures in the Bible as we learn about dealing with “headwinds”.  Even if you are not the adventurous type…even if you’d really like nothing more than to avoid ALL drama, trouble, and struggle…even if you’d like nothing more than just to have a “normal, boring, easy life” you will still want to learn about dealing with “headwinds”.  And, If you’re going through a disaster of your own right now, you especially will want to hear what the Bible says about the difference between surviving a disaster, and living an adventure.

Remember, don’t be an hour late or you’ll miss the donuts (and hanging out with your actionchurch friends), your kids will miss actionkidz, you won’t hear music from Divine Air, you’ll miss week two of the adventure series, and you’ll have nothing left to do but help load 2 tons of equipment into the truck. :-)  .  It all starts at 10:30 am  at Frank Theaters Queensgate (Directions).

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