Bring Gift Cards to the Christmas Party!

Christmas Party

Last Sunday we started a “Christmas Party” that lasts every Sunday ’til Christmas at actionchurch! For the next two weeks we’d like to invite you to bring gifts…make that gift CARDS.   Here’s the best part.  When you bring a gift card to the actionchurch “Christmas Party” series, you won’t have to participate in a lame gift exchange like you do at work (and end up with a chia pet or a commemorative hockey puck).  For the next two Sundays, your gifts will bless people both inside and outside of our church community who will be pleasantly surprised to know that a group of Jesus followers were thinking of them this Christmas season. We’ll say thank you to ALL of the great employees of Frank Theaters, and also refill our “Gift card pantry” that we use to meet financial needs all year longs.  All we need are LOADS of gift cards to local stores and restaurants in $10 increments if possible.

Here’s some Gift Card ideas below:







Etc. Etc. Etc.

Thanks for being part of Christmas Party 2013!

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