Benefit Package.


Being a follower of Jesus can be unquestionably difficult at times.   (And I’m not just talking about having to unload the black truck on sunday mornings at the theater.) Jesus correctly labeled the path to salvation as “narrow”.   It’s simply more difficult to submit to God’s plan than it is to live to satisfy your own desires.  It’s more difficult to be active than it is to be passive.  Faith is a more difficult path than cynicism.  It’s harder to truly love than it is to hate.

However, like any really difficult enterprise worth doing, there are GREAT rewards to being a Christ follower!  Because of the sacrifice of Jesus, we can be freed from our sins and live a life of eternal community with God and our brothers and sisters.  (That’s pretty hard to beat as far as compensation packages go.)   Here’s the great news though,  God never intended that great community with himself and others to begin only after we die!   I’m convinced that God’s plan (as detailed in scripture) is for us to enjoy lifelong, satisfying, ENJOYABLE, relationships with our brothers and sisters here on earth!

During the first two weeks of the BRO-CODE series we’ve talked about loving “one another” well because that love…the way we treat each other…is how those outside the church will view Jesus.   That’s true.  And, that’s really important.  I just wanted to remind us all this morning that “one anothering” each other well is not just for “them”…for those outside of the church.  If we follow scripture…if we follow the BRO-CODE :-) …if we love “one another” as Jesus taught… WE get the benefits!   I believe THOSE relationships are the greatest “benefit package” we will receive this side of heaven!

How wonderful and pleasant it is
    when brothers live together in harmony!

 Psalms 133:1


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